Belsorp-Max II

Belsorp-Max II


The BELSORP-max II is a versatile instrument which measures specific surface area/pore size distribution, vapor adsorption and chemisorption.

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The BELSORP-max II analyzer allows for comprehensive surface characterization such as micropore analysis by measuring adsorption isotherms from extremely low pressure, or hydrophilicity/hydrophobicity by water vapor adsorption.

  • Highest throughput thanks to simultaneous measurement of up to 4 samples
  • New advanced GDO function permits optimum gas dosing
  • The most suitable measurement conditions are automatically set based on the user’s stored adsorption isotherm data
  • An advanced system of direct evacuation and intelligent valve control reduces the measurement time significantly
  • High precision vapor adsorption measurement under strict temperature control
  • High precision measurement by Advanced Free Space Measurement (AFSMTM)
  • Automatic LN2 supply and a dedicated heater enable fully automatic seamless process control from pre-treatment to measurement
  • With advanced GCMC method: allows to perform more precise and higher resolution PSD analysis, considering the interaction of actual material surface and adsorbate molecules, than the conventional NLDFT (approx. calculation) method
  • The measurement process status and the results can be checked by remote monitoring function using an e-mail system









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